Why Choose Retrofit Foam Injection?

Unlike spray foam insulation that is sprayed into open wall cavities (mostly in new construction), injection foam insulation consists of drilling numerous holes into the existing wall covering of a structure and filling the wall cavity with a low pressure expanding, or pre-expanded foam. This application and installation process can be done from the either the interior or the exterior of the home, although the exterior seems to be the more popular choice.

The holes are then sealed with a plug and painted to match the existing sheathing or facade. If the building has aluminum or vinyl siding, the siding is removed, then re-installed after the installation.

Selection PIP is injected as a liquid which flows through the cavity and slowly expands in place; there it can be a very effective option for existing wall applications.

The ability to seal every crack and crevice makes Selection PIP the product of choice for homeowners who chose high-performance wall insulation with having to remove interior or exterior surfaces.

Injection foam insulation can be used insulate almost any type of structure in your home or building, including:

  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Stone
  • Siding
  • Shingle
  • and more…

How Much Does Home Insulation Cost?

Looking for a quick estimate? Get a rough idea of what it would cost to insulate your home.

The Benefits of Retrofit Foam Injection

  • Q. Where can Retrofit foam injection be used?

    When retrofitting an existing home, Retrofit foam injection can be used to insulate enclosed cavities like existing walls and cement blocks.

  • Q. How is Retrofit Retrofit foam injection Installed?

    Retrofit foam injection can typically be injected into exterior walls from the outside. We can work with many home exteriors, including brick and various siding types.

    For homes with siding, pieces can be removed to drill holes between the studs to inject the Retrofit foam injection. The holes are then plugged and the siding put back up.

    For brick homes holes are drilled through the mortar to inject the Retrofit foam injection, then filled back in with matching (as close as we can) mortar.

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